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The Motivations Behind

    We started from one, simple idea: synchronised swimmers should have the right to continue their athlete career alongside their higher education. Starting from that assumption, a great deal of work has been done since the club opened in September 2016.


    We are aware of the fact that the pathway is still long. But there is one detail that we always bear in mind: strive for our goals following our passion in total respect of the people surrounding us. Because we want to grow with our current and future members in a friendly environment. 

Four Year Targets 2016-2020

 These are our four years targets 2016-2020:

  • Become one of the top Artistic Swimming Clubs in the Country aiming for national podiums in all age group categories;

  • Be the first fully integrated talent/education program at university level by giving the opportunity to university students to practice artistic swimming both at performance and recreational level;

  • Create the first artistic swimming academy in the country by establishing solid long-term connections with Team Bath and local schools and colleges;

  • Lead the campaign to re-introduce artistic swimming at BUCS events;

  • Club athletes to be selected for Tokyo 2020 and in national teams at younger levels. 

Club Structure 2017 Onwards

  This is our club structure simplified in the following chart. We offer a youth and master section, which is consequently split between athletes willing to compete at performance level or recreational level.

  This means that the club abilities range from potential beginners to national teams representatives and eventually Olympic Games candidates. Additionally, the club offers some courses to beginners called 'Learn to Sync'. For more information, click here:


The Facilities

  Team Bath Artistic Swimming Club is based at the University of Bath's Sports Training Village where the facilities include:


  • London 2012 Olympic Legacy 50m Pool

  • High Performance and newly Refurbished Fitness Gym

  • Various Indoor and Outdoor Pitches

  • Three large Sprung-wood Sports Halls

  • Physiotherapy Treatment Areas and Sports Science Laboratories

Who Can Be a Club Member?

  •  Both Female and Male Athletes

  • Both Beginners and Non-Beginners

  • Junior Athletes

  • College Students

  • University of Bath Students

  • Other local University Students

  • Non-University Athletes

  • Adults of any age


Our club has an open membership, which means anyone above the age of 7 can join us. The level of skills and abilities only determines a member's allocation but NOT his/her club exclusion.


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