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Club Opening 2016

  Team Bath Artistic Swimming Club is a synchronised swimming club founded in September 2016 at the University of Bath. Wonder what Artistic Swimming is? It is the only sport where girls (and now boys!) dance in the water by creating original choreographies with both arms and legs, with a forced -and sometimes not so natural- smile on their face. It is one of the most difficult sports as it requires the endurance of a 400 metres performance swimmer, the flexibility of a rhythmic gymnastics, the agility of an acrobat in order to jump during the lifts; and most importantly, the performance abilities of a dancer. All of this holding your breath for usually two thirds of the routine! 

At Team Bath Artistic Swimming Club, we believe that Artistic Swimming must be open to everyone, from boys to girls, university students or not, experts or beginners, master and performance level.

We are glad to announce that we are officially taking a small representative to the next National English Championships 2017 in Nottingham and the full squad at the next Walsall Trophy in May.

If you are interested in coming back to this sport after a period of break, or if you simply want to give it a go, please come and meet us. There will be more coming news regarding our master and junior section very soon! 

Here is a picture with part of our team wearing our brand new official kit.

Amandine Desire

Secretary of TBSC 2016

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