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TBSC open the doors to Junior Athletes

Following the success of the first edition of our International Summer Camp and the growing demand for a youth section, we've officially opened our junior season on October 4th.

The club now offers to its athletes a training program equally split between land and pool. We strongly believe that this 50/50 division will be very beneficial for an complete body development and an effective body control both in the pool and on land. This not only will help the athletes improving much quicker, but most importantly it will help avoid injuries and making them aware of their physical potential in long terms.

If you want to join us and you are already a synchro swimmer, please do not hesitate to contact us at If you have never experienced synchro before, don't worry! There are some taster sessions coming up soon and an introductory course for beginners, too. And remember: boys are more than welcome!

Our latest news are available in our website, Facebook page (Team bath Synchro Club Page) and Instagram account (@teambathsynchro).

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